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As photographers we never stop learning. There are so many different genres of photography e.g. wedding & portrait, fine-art, sports, documentary, landscape to name just a few.
Most of us seem to settle on one or two which we really like and find we can make a living from. We hone our skills and develop a style of our own in the way we photograph our subjects and the way we edit our images.

We become specialised in our chosen niche and we become comfortable… sometimes too comfortable. Over time we may start to lose some of that passion and drive that we had when we were starting out. Our passion is in danger of becoming just a job.

This is of course because we may have stopped learning and we are no longer challenging ourselves.

For this reason we are now always looking for a way to learn something new.  Sometimes with tutorials showing us new ways to edit our images, or practical photography workshops where we can learn new techniques.

Dance photos for blog


Last spring 2014 we had the pleasure of attending a dance workshop. The day was split into two halves with the morning teaching us the technical knowledge needed and how to get varied and dynamic poses from our subject. The afternoon was spent taking photographs with the model.

tenerife 2015_0277

In 2015 so far we have had an amazing week with photo training overseas in Tenerife. The 3 outdoor workshops included practical techniques for fashion, wedding and children’s lifestyle. Other indoor seminars featured advanced Photoshop techniques, landscape photography, Pencil Portraits, Stock photography and documentary weddings. Tutors were some of the best known names in the industry!
Needless to say we have come back buzzing with ideas and are looking at ways to incorporate some of these into our present work and also developing new aspects of our business.

We are planning to attend another all day workshop soon.
As I said… as Photographers we never stop learning.

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